Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stone Town Rocks!

Jambo from Zanzibar, Tanzania!
Zanzibar is unlike anywhere I have ever been. Crystal blue waters, white soft sand and alluring labyrinths of side streets pull you in. For three days we have just wandered around Stone Town finding it nearly impossible to get lost. It's amazing how so many cultures collide on one small island. Our hostel is close to St. Joseph Cathedral whose spires just barely overlap the mosque just behind it. Friendly faces greet you and moments later a set of eyes search you through a niqab. Overall we have found everyone to be kind as they greet us with a warm "karibu" but I still feel a sense of mystery. Modesty is key as underneath the warm welcomes, Zanzibar at heart is a conservative island. One of the highlights thus far has been a coffee at Zanzibar Coffee House, definitely worth the hype. You can sit for hours sipping one cup of cappuccino as you people watch through the window. We are headed to Kendwa Beach next to give the soft sand a try....until then!

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