Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Bliss in Kendwa

After a few days in Stone Town we decided to head north to check out a beach town called Nungwi. On the bus ride over we were advised by two travelers from Holland to stay in Kendwa, a more backpack friendly beach. Being the flexible traveling trio that we were, we quickly changed our plans and stayed in Kendwa at a lovely place called Kendwa Rocks. Kendwa Rocks was backpackers paradise with like minded travelers comparing notes on the softest white sand I've ever felt. I always struggle a bit with enjoying such comforts in a place where very real poverty exist but I think seeing the beauty in another's home can be beneficial to all. In Kendwa this is unavoidable. The fire pink sun setting over the cool blue waters of the Indian Ocean all contrasting against bright white sands could take anyone's breath away. The days to come would give us even more appreciation for Zanzibar

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