Monday, June 24, 2013


On June 10,  we welcomed a wonderful organization called “Gerye Jwa” or Joy Warriors to our campus. Gerye Jwa, based in Port-au-Prince, is an organization committed to, “helping kids cope with the impact of trauma, violence, poverty and disease through the power of play.” An extension of the Life is good Playmakers in the United States, Gerye Jwa introduced us to the universal ways to, “inspire love, joy and creativity,” to our kids.

Studies have shown the positive and transforming impact of play in the lives of children. Our teachers, caregivers and community leaders attended the orientation where they learned more about exuding joyfulness and harnessing the power of play. Our team had challenging and insightful questions about discipline, family disparities and cultural dynamics. We were able to have some fun and play games of our own as we learned to loosen up! Here we are being team "players".

To learn more about Life is Good and Gerye Jwa click here!



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