Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to the "Real World"

“Welcome back to the real world” is a term I hear often when traveling back stateside. It admittedly always irks me. I have just returned from an amazing trip to England to visit Greg.

As I clean up my flooded room and bend down to see mosquito larvae cavorting, things seem pretty real. I think about this as I try to mentally will the power to come on so I can inflate my air mattress.

Whether in Port-au-Prince, New York or London here’s the thing…


I live in the real world, and so do you. And it’s big and it’s broken and it’s beautiful and it’s definitely real. And is this not the whole problem? That as connected as we are we still can feel so many “worlds away” from people down the hall, down the street or around the globe?

Right now in this real world there are countless people starving, 132 million orphans and people dying from preventable diseases. Closer to home, in our real world, there are broken families,  prisoners to various addictions, there is disease and heartache. That’s all real. That’s all happening. Right now. Really.

And I get it. We have our families, our careers, our 401(k)’s, our own plans and our own problems. We can’t all get up and move. But we don’t have to.  We can help in this real world. Right where we are. Right now. Really.

You have time or money, talents or passions. Whether it is politics, ponies, puppies or people, you can help. There is something that you’re passionate about. There are things I know you really care about in this real world. So let’s all get involved. Just serve.

 I also realize you’re one person. I am one person. I feel my human, one person limits daily. How much change, how much good can come from one person?

Well, maybe you just help one other person, or animal or piece of legislation. But isn’t one worth it? I know we want more. I want more. I want to help all the kids. The whole community. I am not stopping at one but I’m learning that one is enough. One is better than none.

God has got the whole world in His hands. And it’s a big one but it’s starting to feel smaller. We are called to love and serve.  Take a look at a globe. It is round. So whether it’s around the corner, around the country or around a continent, we are all neighbors.
I know people can be mean and cause hurt and heartache. I’ve been on both sides of that coin. But what if I, If we, could all just “suck it up” and let love out? I fail at this constantly. My sinful self wants the sweet satisfaction of a well-timed slam or snide remark.  But when I humble myself and love, just love, those around me are happier and I am too. Maybe if I, if we, could just be kinder, more loving and pick our passion then the unreal things that are happening around our world; the genocides, corruption and famines wouldn’t be so real.

Here are some great resources to find your match. Choose one cause, pick one day, find one hour and start there!
Isn't though?

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