Friday, March 22, 2013


Last week, I had the privilege of joining a medical team as they traveled with Haiti Endowment Fund to Hinche. I had such an amazing time with the team and founders of HEF. They shared their story and wisdom from serving in Haiti for over 25 years. Check out their great work here!

Build Change
Our block making business is on a roll! 2 weeks ago we had our first training with Build Change. We have partnered with Build Change to ensure that our employees are properly trained and have received the most up-to-date building codes and standards as put forth by the MTPTC. Build Change recognized that the 2010 earthquake was so devastating because of poorly built buildings. They work in seismic active areas by, “designing earthquake-resistant housing and training local builders, homeowners, engineers and government officials to build them.”

Build Change engineers worked hands-on with our men to teach proper cement to sand ratios, mixing techniques and curing times. During the first training Build Change took 3 “control” blocks, made prior, to test the compressive strength. The desired mega pascal for a block is 10.  Initial tests usually reveal a compressive strength of approximately 4 to 6 MPa. Build Change will train our employees to output blocks of at least 8 MPa.

The last training will connect our trained block makers to business opportunities by people who have pledged that they will employ those certified through Build Change. Build Change holds a marketing and awareness open house where our block makers are encouraged to invite area contractors and construction workers. We are so thankful that Reformation Hope, the 501©3 in Georgia that supports the ministry here, has committed to purchasing the better made blocks for the construction of their medical clinic.

We look forward to completing the Build Change training and receiving our official Certification of Quality!


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  1. Jaclynn,

    I just wanted to say I think what you are doing over there is absolutely incredible! There are not enough people on the planet like you who dedicate a portion of their lives in helping others!
    Words just cannot describe how much you mean to so many people you affect over there and it's a great thing.
    Keep up the great work and if somehow there is ever anything I can do to assist, I'm happy to get a note from you with the request.
    Take Care.
    Shawn Smith